A Unique Site

A unique site that you must visit for sure! No need to book to visit us! Just introduce yourself and you can join the current visit, or start with the next one!

The Tsiionhiakwatha/Droulers archaeological site interpretation center is the location where the most important Iroquoian village ever discovered in Quebec lies. Circa 1450, approximately 500 St.Lawrence iroquoians established a village near the La Guerre River in what is now the municipality of Saint-Anicet.

More than 500 years later, a local farmer by the name of François Droulers found a howel dating from the 15th century. Following this discovery, archaeological digs uncovered more than half a million artifacts over an area of 13 000 square meters. These archaeological digs led to the reconstruction of the village on the site itself where the fascinating history of the Iroquoian way of life is put on display.

Guided Tours

Led by experienced guides, you can visit the village, its longhouses, traditional garden and its Kionhekwa exhibit. Both educational and entertaining, the guided tour sheds light upon the lifestyle and traditions of the 15th century Iroquoians.

Duration: 1:30

Adults: 10$
Senior citizens and children: 7$
Family of 4: 30$

Archaeology Month 

Participate in unique activities offered on weekends in August as part of Archaeology Month:

• Saturdays: public digs with archaeologist Maude Chapdelaine (on reservation, $20/adult, $15/child, $60 family 2adults and 2children )
• Sundays: flint knapping workshop with archaeologist Mathis Arthur.

Sleepover in an Iroquois Longhouse

A unique cultural and natural experience!

Do you want to live an extraordinary experience? Do you dream of a First Nations’ cultural immersion? Only 75 km from Montreal, CISA / Droulers Tsiionhiakwatha invites you to spend a night in an authentic Iroquois longhouse with family and friends.

Accompanied by professional guides, the activity includes 2 workshops and a visit to the interpretation center, a dinner of native cuisine, a sleepover inside a longhouse, animation and breakfast.

The reconstitution of an Iroquoian village is a significant project that began in Saint-Anicet. This unique site tells a gives an accurate portrait of representation of history and the lifestyle of the Iroquois people. You will live an unforgettable experience with our activities, collection of artefacts, entertainment and workshops!

Day 1
3:00 pm: Arrival
3:15 to 4:45: Visit of the Iroquoian village
5:00: 1st workshop (1 hour)
6:30: Installation of beds, food sampling and Iroquoian dinner
8:00: Tales and legends

Day 2
7:15 am: Breakfast
8:00: Workshop #2
10:00: Departure

Available workshops: flint knapping, traditional campfire building, bow and arrow game, lacrosse match, pottery making and more!

Material needed for activity
Sleeping bag and pillow
Camping mat
Warm clothes and / or waterproof
Rubber boots
Mosquito Repellent

75$/person for school groups or day camps
100$ adults, 50$ children (family rate)

Contact us for information or reservation.