2017 Calendar

August is Archaeology Month


In July-August 2017 the Droulers archaeological site becomes the largest excavation site in Québec, with the on-site presence of the École de fouilles of the University of Montreal, directed by Dr. Claude Chapdelaine. More than 10 archaeologists work for a fifty days shift, letting the public discover the surprises and wonders hidden in the ground for 600 years!


Public digs last 1 hour per group of 4 max.IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO BOOK IN ADVANCE. The price is $ 20 per group. Public excavations dates are: ALL weekends from June 3-4 to June 24-25 and ALL weekends from July 29-30 to August 19-20. It is possible to participate during the week by reservation only, Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 to 11:30.

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